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Cedar is the obvious choice for all fencing needs.  From every day vertical board designs to comprehensive exterior architecture, our fencing products are sought by builders from all over the U.S. and beyond.  Most fences are constructed using 4x4 posts, horizontal 2x4 rails, and vertical boards spaced as desired.  However, today’s builders and architects have added such a wide variety of fence designs that just about anything goes.  When you call LS Cedar for fencing, know that you are getting top quality, old growth material from the best mills in British Columbia.  Our extensive inventory allows you to be specific and select exactly what you need to make your project unique. 

If you need box store quality and price, we invite you to call the box store nearest you!  Many times their products are adequate for residential needs.  If you desire beautiful, long-lasting quality material from a cedar lumber yard that is run by cedar experts, call us!