Over the last 50 years, LS Cedar has developed trusted relationships with suppliers allowing us to stock inventory that consistently meets or exceeds our customer’s high standards. We carry a complete inventory of Clear, Knotty, and Utility timbers allowing us to carefully select and deliver each order on time. We specialize in vertical grain clear and #1 appearance free of heart center knotty timbers but also inventory other grades.

Both Clear and Knotty grades are kept in rough, full dimension form allowing us to manufacture and fill orders to fit any specification. Customer can specify full dimension, custom resawn, or S4S. Full size stock is used for jobs where a rustic look is desired, or a customer prefers to do their own milling. Our in-house mill can also give your timbers a smooth or fine textured finish. In any case, your timbers will be hand selected and graded to meet the expectations for your project.

Clear Vertical Grain

Holds finishes better, lasts longer, exceptional dimensional stability and reduced surface checking.

Appearance Knotty

Well-suited for projects where budget is a deciding factor or where a more rustic look is desired.


Excellent for garden beds, retaining walls, or other applications where cost is more important than appearance.

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