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Shakes & Shingles

Once widely used for roofing, cedar shingles have become very popular for exterior siding.  LS Cedar carries custom band-sawn #1 shingles, which are specially manufactured for us at a mill on the Washington coast.  These shingles are carefully inspected and graded for appearance, assuring they are the finest available.  Special care is taken in end-trimming, so they have nice crisp shadow lines when installed.


Available grades for 16” (5” exposure) cedar shingles:

#1 – 100% clear, 100% edgegrain

#2 – 100% clear, mixed grain

#3 – Mixed grain, defects allowed above 5” exposure

Cedar shingles are sold in 100 square foot units called squares.  Each square consists of 4 bundles.


Cedar shakes come in two main categories and are used  almost exclusively for roofing. 

  • ½” (mediums)
  • ¾” (heavies)

Shakes come five bundles to a square.

We offer an extensive array of specialty roofing and sidewall products, including treated shakes and shingles, as well as pre-primed and pre-stained shingles.  We also carry grooved sidewall shakes, “R&Rs,” fancy cut shingles, taper-sawn shakes, and much more.  Click here to view these products and their descriptions.