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Cedar is the natural choice for siding.  Beautiful, practical, and decay-resistant, it has stood the test of time.  Many historic buildings are intact today because they were protected by cedar siding.  Northwest natives used cedar to cover their dwellings, and the planks lasted so long they were handed down through many generations. 

Today’s modern milling techniques provide the consumer with uniform, high quality cedar siding at prices competitive with imitations.  There are many choices when it comes to siding.  When selecting the type you prefer, it’s a good idea to look at siding on existing homes to help determine which will best suit your project. 

The different sizes and grades of each type allow for many combinations and choices.  LS Cedar provides virtually every type of cedar siding ever made.  Our large inventory includes all standard patterns, and we custom manufacture many that are older and hard to find.  We also run special patterns to meet architects’ specifications.


Beveled siding is the most widely used type of cedar siding.  It is available in several grades of clear and knotty, and LS Cedar inventories the finest available in each category.  All our beveled siding is kiln-dried and manufactured to exacting standards. 

Clear Vertical Grain

This is the best grade available and is a favorite of LS Cedar customers.  One hundred percent edge grain and virtually free of knots and defects, it will give a lifetime of service when properly applied and maintained.  It can be used with either the smooth or resawn face exposed.  Vertical grain minimizes cupping and warping, and holds finishes exceptionally well.

 A & Better Clear

Also reversible and a very high quality grade, A & better allows “mixed” or flat grained pieces.  Well suited for applications where clear wood is desired, but vertical grain is not necessary.

Rustic or "Texface"

Essentially a falldown from the above grades, this product is graded for use on the saw textured face only.  It is mixed grain and allows more characteristics than VG or A & Better.

Finger-jointed Clear

Made from short pieces glued together end for end, and pre-primed, finger-jointed bevel is available in ½ x 4, 1/2 x 6, ½ x 8, 3/4 x 8 and 3/4 x 10.  Less expensive than VG or A & better, it is favored by builders, because it almost all 16 feet long.




A & Better

Clear Vertical Grain

Pre-primed Finger-jointed

  1/2 x 4


  1/2 x 6



  1/2 x 8



  3/4 x 8



  3/4 x 10



Indicates item is stocked at LS Cedar.

Knotty Bevel

There are many varying interpretations of the terms used to describe this category.  Select knotty is represented by the Western Red Cedar Association as having sound tight knots.  "Quality" knotty is a lower grade which allows "cut-outs", or defects that should be removed.  Most select knotty grades allow a small percentage of quality knotty.

All of this can be confusing, and we like to keep it simple.  LS Cedar sells only select knotty or better grades.

Knotty bevel is available unfinished, pre-primed, or pre-stained with the color of your choice.

  Knotty Bevel  



  11/16 x 6

  11/16 x 8

  3/4 x 8


  3/4 x 10


  7/8 x 10


  5/4 x 10


  5/4 x 12


∙ Indicates item is stocked at LS Cedar.

  6 inch Tight Knot Bevel   

  8 inch Tight Knot Bevel

  10 inch Tight Knot Bevel

  1/2 x 4 inch Clear Bevel

  1/2 x 6 inch Clear Bevel               

  3/4 x 8 inch Clear Bevel

   3/4 x 10 inch Clear Bevel 

  Beveled Siding Pattern #117


  6 inch Tight Knot Channel 

  8 inch Tight Knot Channel

   Profile for 8 inch Channel Siding                                


 Custom Shiplap with large radius

Vintage Shiplap

  Custom Shiplap with Extra Large Vee    

  Custom Shiplap with Coved Upper Portion When Applied Horizontally

Note:  Patterns #105 and #106 are commonly known as Drop Siding and sometimes called Dutch Lap Siding.  Pattern #106 is a T&G version of Shiplap #105.  All of these are found on many older structures. They were commonly produced in clear VG fir.

We carry clear fir pre-primed finger-jointed #105. The finger-joined products are environmentally friendly, as they use small but high grade pieces which used to get discarded.

Tongue & Groove

T&G is widely used for exterior siding.  See Paneling section on the Tongue & Groove page to view our T&G patterns.