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Western Red Cedar timbers are one of LS Cedar’s strongest product lines.  Over the last 30 years, we have developed trusted relationships with suppliers, allowing us to stock inventory that consistently meets our customers’ high standards.  We carry a complete inventory of knotty and clear timbers, giving us the ability to carefully select each order and deliver on time.  LS Cedar specializes in #1 appearance free-of-heart center knotty and vertical grain clear.  Many customers have commented that they have never seen such an extensive inventory of high-quality material.  All our timber stock is sorted and protected from the elements to ensure that it is always clean and in good condition. 

Both knotty and clear grades are kept in rough, full dimension form, allowing us to fill orders for any type of specification.  Customers can choose full dimension, custom resawn or S4S.  Full size stock is selected from mill-direct units and is used for jobs where a rustic look is desired.  It is ideal for customers who prefer to do their own milling.  LS Cedar also does custom resaws; our accurate, high-speed bandsaw adds a fine-textured appearance, similar to the resawn face on high-grade siding and trim material.   We usually saw it to finish sizes, but can custom cut to any dimension.  Both full dimension, rough, and custom resawn timbers are ideal for exterior applications and hold finishes exceptionally well.

If a smooth finish is called for, LS Cedar selects from rough stock and custom runs each order on our state-of-the-art planer moulder.  We then individually inspect each piece again before packing and shipping.    This in-house manufacturing and rigorous attention to detail assures that you will get the absolute finest quality available. 


#1 Appearance Knotty Free-of-Heart Center

This is the highest grade of knotty timber available.  Each piece is selected for appearance on all four sides, allows no defects or cutouts, and should be free of wane and as straight as possible.


Free-of-heart center

Free-of-heart center means there is no “bull’s eye,” as the stock is cut away from the center of the log.  This is important, as timbers that contain heart centers will crack radially as they season, causing large surface checks.  These checks don’t usually affect structural integrity, but detract from the overall appearance, and can cause twisting.  The openings created by checking can also cause the wood to absorb moisture and decay-causing organisms, shortening its life.

Vertical Grain

Our vertical grain timbers are cut from the finest clear cedar in the world.  Vertical grain specifies that the growth rings be perpendicular to the face of each piece.  This provides exceptional dimensional stability, reduces surface checking and gives a prestigious appearance to the finished product.   Vertical grain timbers hold finishes better, last longer, and require less maintenance than mixed grain clears or knotty grades.

#2 Appearance Knotty

LS Cedar also carries #2 appearance knotty timbers, as well as mixed grain clear.  These products are well-suited for projects where budget is a deciding factor or a more rustic look is desired or acceptable.  We offer the same high quality manufacturing services on this stock, and will gladly accept inquiries for any needs you may have.

Our mainstay continues to be #1 appearance knotty free-of-heart center and vertical grain clear.

   3x3 Clear S4S, 3x3 Clear Rough
   3x4 Clear S4S, 4x4 Clear S4S

   3 x 6 Clear Rough (top)
    3 x 6 Clear Smooth (bottom)

   3 x 10 Clear Rough

   4 x 6,  6 x 6 Clear S4S 

   6 x 12 Clear Rough